Friday, January 20, 2012

What I'm Doing Right Now, Not That You Asked Or Even Care

Ok. So I crawled under the drapes and screen of the swanky hotel room I'm staying in to see what kind of view I have from my room. And, shockingly enough, it's a Nice View.

Imagine that! A nice view in a fancy hotel room.

I digress.

I pulled out my camera and began to take some shots because, DUH. I'm in a hotel room by myself; what else would I do with my time?? Naturally, I had the flash on because I'm not a camera whiz. And naturally this made my eyes bug out from the reflective glare. So I'm sitting beside the window, having just flashed the entire cross-section of State and Chestnut when I look up and notice a man in the building across from mine. He is obviously disgusted by the tourist who is taking pictures of his building while she is in a HOTEL.

How do I know that he's disgusted?

Because he's shaking his head and looking directly at me.

How can I see him?

Because he has every flippin light on in his apartment.

Word to the city folk: If you don't want people to see what you're doing in your home, GET A PRIVACY SHADE. You are not living in a vacuum! We can all see what you're doing!!

Obviously, I had to stay and peep out the window a bit longer to see who else was up and about, flaunting their night life for all of the intersection to witness. Sure enough, dozens and dozens of homes were illuminated for my viewing enjoyment!

Arguing, middle-aged couple in pajamas? Check.

Little kid sitting on the kitchen counter at 10 pm? Check.

Way too many people watching tv or on the computer? Check.

I can see why one needn't ever leave the big city for vacations. The cure for boredom exists outside of every window...
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