Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Once you get past the smell, it's not THAT bad...

I am sitting in the bathroom, precariously balancing my preshus laptop on my legs so that it doesn't touch the less-than-pristine walls of our 3 child bathroom. All I can say about that is "bleecchhh" and "Man, this family needs to learn how to properly clean a bathroom."

Bathroom Blogging is what you may become reduced to when you have a 4 month old puppy who believes you really and truly are her mommy. She will leap with Absolute! Joy! onto your lap when you sit on the comfy couch, regardless of whether or not said Preshus Laptop is already there.

This action will result in a gutteral shriek akin to spilling red wine on your wedding gown.

Aside from the questionable walls and collection of nearly empty hair products, the bathroom isn't such a horrible location for a home office. Running water, good lighting, and easy access to the facilities. Also, biggest bonus, the door has a LOCK. Ka-ching!

Speaking of Ka-ching, do you know how expensive gymnastics can become? Especially when your daughter is something akin to a natural athlete? And when your natural athlete has no fear of heights, new challenges or working up a sweat, did you know that she will be advanced up the ranks of gymnastics' classes quite quickly, hardly giving you time to adjust to the cost of the shorter, easier classes before you are blindly writing checks for the longer, more advanced classes?

Have I mentioned I have space on my sidebar for advertising? Interested? Please? Just look at her! She's unstoppable!
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