Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Cutest Puppy Ever

I have to say, it's the truth. Our new puppy, Penny, looks like a miniature version of Tramp from Lady and the Tramp. One ear up. One ear down...
She already knows who her mama is. I swear, this dog is a freaking GENIUS!
The kids are going crazy over having our first DOG. Everything she's doing is aDORable.
I have to agree with them. I mean, look at that EAR. That EAR. That floppy, adorable ear!
Smudge wasn't 100% convinced, though. No hatred yet. Just annoyed curiosity.
She's going to be spoiled ROTTEN.
Well, maybe not rotten. But definitely loved to pieces.
Even Justin had to admit she was pretty darn cute.
And I am overwhelmed with love for this 4-legged little girl. I can't stop smiling!
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