Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If you don't see me for the next 6 months? THIS is why.

I must be insane. Well, I AM definitely touched in the head, that's a given. But my insanity must have been matched with off-the-charts hormones when I excitedly threw my name (attached to Melisa's name) into the hat for considerations to host the the Listen to Your Mother show in Chicago in 2012. And Ann PICKED US. Maybe it's Ann that's touched in the head? (silly me; that's also a given).

Crazy or not, This Is Happening. And I am beyond excited and a bit overwhelmed but so thankful for the opportunity and SO THANKFUL that I am doing this with Melisa Wells. Sending you a virtual fist bump, Melisa. You rock.

What is LTYM? You really don't know? Have you been living under a rock with that guy who didn't know that Geico could save you 15% or more?

Sigh... Well, Listen to Your Mother is the very groovy* show that Ann began in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin (go cheeseheads!) in May, 2010. It was a group of writers speaking about their moms, being a mom, yo mama, you name it. It went so well that she expanded to a few more cities in 2011 with raging success. And now, for Mother's Day 2012, LTYM will be in 10 different cities across the nation! Go Ann! She's a genuinely kind and funny person, online and IRL.

So. Hoping to see lots of you Chicagoland writers at our auditions this year. LOTS. We need good, heart-rending, hysterical-yet-meaningful, material. Also, I think Melisa and I will need lots of good, fruity-but-not-too-sweet wine to get us through the list of 437 items that will be on our checklists...

*Yeah. I said it. You gotta problem with that?
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