Saturday, November 19, 2011

How Many Days Left Till Christmas?

Be sure to read allllll the way to the end for a Big SURPRISE!

This is the first year in the History of Tracey's Adulthood that I haven't had at least half of my Christmas shopping done by now. I usually pick up items through the summer and fall that I think will work out for any of my 5 nieces and nephews, 2 sisters, parents, in-laws, many grab bags, my own kids and my husband...

I? Am starting to FREAK. OUT.
Deep breaths...

I'm hoping that this unintentional procrastination will lead to a better experience, though. Like, I get all of my shopping done in 1 or 2 days, straight. It could happen, right? Right? It kinda has to happen, so it BETTER happen!

(All of this deep breathing is going to make me pass out...)

At least I know what I want to give to most of the people we love and purchase for. That is a HUGE step. And with our visit to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair today, we'll probably find many of the gifts we'll want to buy for the remaining children (and adults!). So I'm not totally freaking out. Yet. I mean, Christmas is supposed to be about giving from the heart, enjoying each other's company, and letting those you care about KNOW that you love them. All of that is practically free.

For some of the things that AREN'T free, however, I will be using an American Express card with Rewards Points. I am usually not a credit card person, only because it's never occurred to me that you can actually EARN free stuff when you use a card. It's been talked about for, oh, my entire ADULTHOOD on commercials and mailers, but I just haven't looked into it in great detail. The details are what sometimes scare this Cash User. So it'll be interesting to see how I fare and feel about swiping that bit of plastic through the swiper-thingy at checkout. I'm a bit pumped about it, actually!

American Express is currently working on a campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of shopping with purpose and doing so at small businesses. I felt like such a heel when I realized that I don't generally pay attention to whether or not I frequent small businesses. I just shop and I'll bet that most of my purchases are at large retailers. That kinda makes me bummed out. Sorry Small Businesses! I promise to use my American Express card at your locations this year! In fact, I think a small hobby shop with Dungeons & Dragons paraphernalia may be seeing me on November 26 on Small Business Saturday.

To help out even more shoppers, American Express is extending this gift card of $250 to one lucky commenter!*

It's easy to enter, but please be sure to follow all of the rules and use a different comment for each entry! Also, I MUST HAVE an email to reach you at! If I don't see an email on your comment or through your name's link, I will have no choice but to pick another winner and that would just STINK for both of us.

Mandatory Entry:

~ Tell me how you save money during the holiday season or leave a tip for us all on how you manage to stay within your budget!

~ Tweet this giveaway and link back. Up to 5 a day.

~ Write about this giveaway on Facebook and link back. 1 time a day.

~ Follow me on Twitter.

~ Subscribe to my blog.

We will pick the winner on Saturday, November 26 after 5 pm CST. If we're eating dinner, and I don't draw the name until 6 pm CST, then you have 1 extra hour to enter. Or 2, if we want to be honest on how long it can take us to eat dinner... Because that's just how I roll.

Good Luck!!

Important! I will use for the comment number to be chosen, so please be sure to write every entry on a SEPARATE COMMENT.

*No points are included.

Disclaimer: I received a $250 American Express card with 40,000 points to use during this holiday season. All views on my experience using American Express will be my own.

Comments are now closed. A winner will be announced shortly!!
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