Monday, October 17, 2011

Surprise, surprise

4:45 Me, calling Patrick: Hey honey! How was lunch with your mom? Are you on your way back yet? Oh, you're on the train? Awesome. Can you let me know when you're almost home in case I need some milk? I mean, I might go out for it and not need it, but I might need it. So can you call me to let me know when you're near the store? Buh-bye.

5:10 Me, calling Patrick: Hey honey! Where are you at? Oh. On the road, still? Yeah, that makes sense, heh, heh. Um, I just wanted to remind you to call me about the milk, remember? Because I want to make sure that we have milk for dinner. The dinner that I'm making. And I'm waiting for you to be close so I can throw the noodles in the water. So, um, call me, ok? Love you! Bye.

5:35 Me, calling Patrick: Hey honey! I think I definitely need that milk. But still call me, ok? How was your time with your mom? Did you have a good time? Oh, hey, I have to go. But CALL ME, ok? Love you! Buh-bye.

5:50 Me, calling Patrick: On second thought, I don't need any milk. Just come home. Where are you? Like 10 minutes or 5 minutes or 1 minute away? I just need to know for the, um, noodles, remember? Oh? 5 minutes? Ok. I'll throw them in now, then. See you soon. Bye!

5:51 Me, stage-yelling at a room full of people: Shhhhh!!!! Shhhh!!!! SHHHHH!!!!!!

5:56 35 people shouting at the top of their lungs as Patrick walks in the front door:

Surprise!! Happy Birthday!!

I can't believe we pulled it off. Especially after all of my super-spy-phone-calls. Seeing as how he practically fell back out the door, I do believe that he was sufficiently surprised.

Happy Birthday, honey!

Videography by my 12 year old. It gets shaky when he decides to hug his dad halfway through but soldier on: it gets smooth again...
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