Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Just Another Blog Post

I was sighing a happy little sound of pleasure as I lowered myself into my desk chair with a steaming cup of coffee. And then, as seems lately typical, I promptly dumped the entire mug across my computer desk. Soaked everything, including the computer. Awesome.

Silving lining: I had a towel RIGHT THERE (because my kids don't like to put towels away) and was able to clean it up before any damage (besides another stain on the carpet) was done.


Ahhhh... Coffee. In my mouth. Working its magic.

The season is most definitely Fall and I am loving every minute of it. I took Corinne on a bike ride yesterday to look at spooky houses and crunch through the leaves. She has gotten SO good at her bike riding! I cannot believe this is the same child who, a month ago, hadn't ridden her bike with its training wheels most of the summer. And now I have to force her and Evan to come inside after 1 or 2 hours of "p.e." to do math! They're clever, those two. They'll see me clearing the table, setting up the books, and they're out the door to practice their two-wheelers. They know how much I encourage them to be active. With the winter right around the corner, they need to be out of the house as much as possible NOW before the weather dictates what we cannot do.

Speaking of places to be other than right in my face, jumping up and down, driving me bat-crazy... We cleaned the basement! Again! Which means we should be receiving a flood down there within the next 2-3 weeks. So we have about 3 weeks to enjoy it! Huzzah. Thankfully, I did get a monumental amount of organizing and pitching done, with most of the focus being on elevating EVERYthing. And even though we didn't have any new shelving to elevate upon, I used the closet doors that we took out of Corinne's room (don't ask) and balanced them upon plastic bins. Voila! Instant shelving. I felt remarkably clever and thrifty. Even Patrick, who hates that I save big pieces of wood for "no apparent reason", was impressed. Never doubt me again, my dear.

That's about a wrap. Just me talking to the computer without any purpose or direction in mind. Maybe I can distract you with a photo?40 points if you can name that spooky creature and how Corinne made it...
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