Friday, October 07, 2011

All I want is to own my own batteries. Is that asking too much?

It was gorgeous today. Absolutely breathtakingly GORGEOUS. So we (I) decided to take advantage of this warm fall day and we piled into the van to head to Cantigny Park. Cantigny is a unique, private park. It was once the home of a Colonel of the 1st Division (I believe) and he has an entire collection of tanks from around the world, exotic gardens to stroll through and a really interesting military museum dedicated to the 1st Division.

The day was simply... flourescent. The orange leaves were brighter than flames. The mums positively exploded with hues from yellow to magenta. Countless oak and maple trees showered us in a constant, rainbow flow of lazily drifting leaves.

I watched my younger two race from stick to acorn to tree branch, happily swinging and throwing and climbing. Prodding my somewhat reluctant 12 year old (I just love pre-teen angst), we made our way through the tanks, reading about their histories while Evan and Corinne climbed atop them, acting out battles and scenarios of mass destruction. It was really a lovely, lovely day...

I was SO pumped to pepper this post with pictures! The colors! The beauty of their smiles against the Autumn backdrop would be positively memorable. You would be amazed, Yes, AMAZED, by my talent at capturing the impossibly precious moments we experienced.


Alas, alas, alas... I was foiled, once again, by the Xbox controllers and their ability to use up all of my rechargeable batteries' juice. Much swearing occurred and almost a few tears. (True story.) I guess I'll just have to hope that my mind will retain these memories without the photographic evidence I desired.
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