Friday, September 09, 2011

My 5 year old swiped my camera

What concerns me most is what was I doing while she was walking around, taking pictures with my expensive camera?
Well, No. I guess what really concerns me most is "How did she TAKE this shot?" This is on top of her wardrobe and to get this shot, she'd have to be standing on top of SOMEthing, I just don't know what...
Not too bad. Got everyone in the picture...
Actually, pretty good centering... And you have to love a chick who has a fairy next to a Star Wars poster.
Annnddd, there you go. What my house is really like. A random shot of school trash, cat legs and a drawer that I keep meaning to put back into my desk...
This picture would be REALLY disturbing if it wasn't so freaking hilarious. Also? Anytime a child has a missing tooth, my heart goes all pitty-pat... How can you not love a girl who can flare her nostrils like that? That's sheer talent. Talent and good genes.
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