Thursday, September 22, 2011

No title necessary

I have so many topics in my head with half-written posts, but I don't want to put them to paper. (Or rather, screen? Hmmmm. That's a particular phrase that will most likely die out in a generation or two, eh?)

I look at the screen, and all I see is "Words with Friends" or "Go to Bed because you're exhausted."

So, I play Words with Friends and go to bed because I'm exhausted. Stupid, bossy brain.

Things I've done that may or may not sound impressive to anyone but myself:

~ directed a P.E. class for our homeschool club. A PHYSICAL FITNESS CLASS. Me! ME! Lemme tell you, I do not scream "physical fitness guru." But no one else was stepping up and I think it went pretty well. All they really want to do is play organized tag games with weird names attached to it, anyway. I can TOTALLY manage that. Last week was octopus tag. This week: CATERPILLAR tag. No problem.

~ Steam cleaned my carpets. Again, ME. I DID THIS. Another attribute I am not noted for possessing is the ability to keep my house clean. I will pick up, and occasionally, go crazy cleaning top to bottom. But that's usually when a party is coming. And, even then? I've gotten pretty blase about trying to impress people that truly know me. So, to steam clean my filthy, filthy carpets for NO PARTICULAR REASON? Is like a hoarder voluntarily filling up a dumpster.

~ Celebrated my anniversary with Patrick. Hmmm. I guess that this line isn't really something I "accomplished." But it meant that I had to buy a CARD at the STORE. A trip to the store for a single purchase is rare. So that means it must be true love.

~ Watched the weather stations like a hawk because we are doing something FUN this weekend and it says that it might rain! This would suck exponentially, so I keep trying out different weather stations to find a forecast that I like a little better. Please cross your fingers and toes so that we can actually attend this awesome activity...

~ Filmed my baby learning to ride a bike!!! She just figured it out, yesterday afternoon. And now, she's like a pro! I pulled the boys outside to clap and yell. Evan watched his sister doing BMX tricks (no joke) up and down the sidewalk. He then popped his shoes on (because we're ALWAYS barefoot) and began to practice on his bike again!! My mind is racing with the possibilities that we might be able to go on a family bike ride!! Let's just hope that he doesn't give up too soon. Justin was the same age (9) when he finally got on a bike and took off, so maybe that will encourage him....

Good Golly, this was dull. Except for the bike riding. Even a troll would have to admit that THAT was really cool.
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