Sunday, September 04, 2011

Crrrruuuunch. Crrrruuuunch.*

See this? These 12 rows?I MADE THAT.**

For realz.
See these?***
And these?

With my hands.

I grew them and these herbs and I just mix that shit UP and have been making the best pasta sauce EVER from my garden.

That I GREW.

Just like God.

I feel POWERFUL. I feel.... Inspired.

Got a problem? LET ME AT IT.

I feel as though I could create anything and solve any issues you can throw my way. Just me, my crochet hook and my garden hose.

*That's the sound of my crunchiness factor increasing by 34%.

**Be kind. I learned how to crochet at 9:30 last night and only have the basic step down. I am going for the enjoyment of the PROCESS here, folks. Not the exactness of the stitch. I asked Corinne if she was going to wear the scarf I was making and she hedged, very kindly, "Um... Maybe. Maybe if I can't find any other scarf, and I am really cold, I will wear it."

***Next year: Grapes. If I can make tomatoes for my own sauces, I can sure as hell grow grapes for my own wine. I AM LIKE GOD. Let's just hope the wine doesn't taste the way my "scarf" (I'm using that term loosely) looks. i.e. lumpy and confusing. But LOVELY. Oh so lovely and pink and soft and I am WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR NOW LET'S GO CREATE SOMETHING RAWWWRR!!!!
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