Sunday, July 03, 2011

Thankfully, The Zombie Apocalypse isn't predicted anytime soon...

Should the Zombie Apocalypse ever infiltrate Chicago, my boys will definitely be ready for them. You may not be able to tell, but I'm told that that's a serious machine gun my 9 year is toting...
Our first time to "The Bean" in Millennium Park. Lived here my whole life and I've never seen it. Can't say that, anymore...
Justin's words: "The Taste of Chicago was the BEST DAY I've ever had in Chicago!!" High praise from my 12 year old. Pictured eating a chocolate dipped, walnut coated frozen banana from The Fudge Pot that was TO DIE FOR. The two of us barely finished it together!
If The Original Rainbow Cone ever wants me to endorse their products, I have 2 kids who would be MORE than happy to oblige. Those cones were WORTH the 8 tickets they cost at The Taste. Absolutely.
My heart grew 3 sizes yesterday when Corinne used her Barnes and Noble gift card to buy The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself Book for Evan. And Evan's been WRITING IN IT since she gave it to him! Be still, my heart...
I was SO HAPPY (insert sarcasm here) to find out that Patrick had purchased a gigantic box of smoke bomb thingies(don't ask me the technical name). I'm sure our neighbors appreciated the sulfuric odors, too.
Seriously, it was FOUL.
But nothing screams "Yay, America!" more loudly than a bunch of children running around with flaming sticks.

I'm definitely proud to be an American, especially since I can't fathom calling French Fries "chips". That would just suck. No offense to my British readers, but that's simply weird!

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

*Garden Update: My garden is still ALIVE! Corinne has been helping out by watering it religiously and we ate our first tomato from one of the plants. Question: am I supposed to pick the oregano whenever I want some, or only at a certain time? Also, it's flowering. Is that bad?

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