Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot.

I was reading Helena's recent post*, and feeling so very, very ungrateful.

Perhaps it's the oppressive heat.

Perhaps it's the inability to breathe without feeling as though I'm inhaling peanut butter.

Perhaps I'm noise-weary from the constant volume that having several extra boys in my house will bring. When it's 100 Farenheit and humidity of some really high percentage that I don't want to check out right now, it's kind of hard to find the joy in the day.

Joy in sweating? Joy in arguing? Joy in the ever-increasing background noises that block my ability to feel any peace? Joy in constantly feeling held down by all of their immediate Needs! Wants! Whines!??


Still. I guess I could spin it. I could find the silver lining in the fact that I HAVE 3 healthy children who are physically capable of annoying me to the point of drinking.

There is definitely something to be said about having enough money to turn the a/c on so that it is only Really Warm in the house instead of the Stifling Deadly Inferno that exists outside our windows. Yay for employment and a/c!

If I stretch myself even further, I could find some smidgen of joy in knowing that this heat wave is absolutely temporary. Just as the winter passes, so does summer. I can survive this.


Still, I'd like to be sweetly singing quiet, poetic praises of our days. I'd love to be capturing the moments on film and in words, holding them in my heart, desiring to remember them.

Instead I cannot wait for this week to be over and just get a BREAK ALREADY from this house, this carpet, these dishes, this tedium! Apparently, I cannot stop the whining, even from my own fingers...

*by the way, if you're not already following Helena, you really, really should. She is lovely and talented and poetic and gracious and one of my newest, truest loves...

**By the BY the way, I'm in Mamapedia today writing about something very similar to this situation. Heh. I appear to make a habit out of pondering about my abilities. Do head over and tell me you love me, won't you?
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