Friday, May 06, 2011

My Mother's Day Wishes

To all the women who are pregnant or adopting soon and are worried about whether or not they'll know what to do and how to care for your child: don't fret, you'll know. When they arrive, you just figure it out, day by day, making mistakes, just like the rest of us. Take care of yourself and enjoy each moment as it comes (the good and the ugly) for they won't last more than a flick of your hair...

To all the women who are raising babies or toddlers and can barely find a moment to read a blog, let alone compose a meaningful sentence: babies grow up quite quickly. Take heart. You'll regain your brain and life again. I promise.

To all the women who are stuck in the middle years of back-talking, patience-testing children: I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Call me and we can commiserate. We can both rest assured that this too, shall pass.

To all the women whose children have moved on and out into the big, bad world of Adulthood: They still need you! As an Adult Child myself, I cannot fathom a moment in my life where I won't require the love and support of my own mother.

To all of the women whose children have passed away from this life before their time: my heart goes out to you. No words can ease your pain, but please know that you are not forgotten. Your children are not forgotten. Whether as infants, children, or adults, know that this blogger, this mother, this woman, is thinking of you and sending you all my hopes for a peaceful Mother's Day.

To all of the women suffering through the agony of infertility: I wish that I could envelope you with love and support. I pray that next Mother's Day finds you holding the child you've always dreamed of. Your pain is not unnoticed. You are not forgotten.

To everyone, everywhere who has never known the love of a mother: I send you my small words of love. Please know that Life can be beautiful, even if nothing seems beautiful today. Life is SO worth living even if no one is loving you right now. You are not forgotten.

Happy Mother's Day to you all. May it be filled with dandelion bouquets, loving arms and sweet memories.
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