Friday, April 01, 2011

No joke...

Guess who's 9?

Last year of single digits.

Old enough to waggle his eyebrows at a girl and call her "the total package."
(back when Pandy Bear was kind of white-ish)

Where does he get that shit?
(always the ladies' man, Evan has adored Corinne since before she was born...)

This is the kid who knows the punch lines to every joke he's ever heard, and is able to deliver them with phenomenal timing.(that is a SUCKER and Daddy's beer...)

Not that I'm always HAPPY with that timing, as they aren't always jokes appropriate for an 8, I mean 9 year old.(first gap... sigh... I do adore holey smiles.)

He sure is a charmer, though....

I love you, funny boy. I am so grateful for every day I am privileged to spend with you.

Happy, Happy Birthday!
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