Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring is finally HERE

There is something awesome about having kids that are old enough to run in and out of the house, shouting out "I'll be at my friend's house!" before they slam the door. Granted, this age also means that there are usually just as many extra kids inside MY house as ones I have birthed, but I'm ok with that. The noise volume is definitely cranked up when that happens, but it's a price I'm happy to pay for the hours of absolute SILENCE when they're all outside.

Naturally, as soon as I sat down to type this, my 3 plus 2 spares came in from the beautiful outdoors to muck up the house. Sigh... I totally jinxed myself, didn't I?

That said, it is GORGEOUS outside! About 55 and sunny, sunny, sunny! We have so many outside plans for the upcoming weeks and I cannot WAIT to get rid of this winter pallor that March always bestows upon my face. Yikes. I am pale and look just... unhealthy. Gimme some Vitamin D!

I haven't felt the writing bug lately. I mean, I've written, but it's just not... good. It's not. I hesitate to proclaim that I am on a "bloggy break" because I'm NOT but I am definitely on a "blog staycation." Meaning I'm here, but not at work. Yeah, A Blog Staycation. Present but not performing. I wonder; if I had a laptop that I could bring out into the sunshine, would I want to write more and write with FEELING? Eh. I am kind of blah about that, one way or the other.
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