Friday, February 11, 2011

I am so popular

According to my inbox, that is.

Did you know that I have friends in France? I didn't, either. But apparently they really like me! And they keep emailing me about their finances so that I can help them out. I guess they plan on visiting me soon? It's so sweet that they use my full name and say "bonjour" in the subject line. Every time I get one of their emails, I feel European. I know I have a beret around here somewhere. Think my kids would mind if I threw it on for our Monster Jam thingy tonight?

I also have a great appeal to "single mothers looking for a good time without commitment" in my local area. Email after email from them, too! They "know just what I need." AWESOME! Because what I need is someone to clean my house while I take a nap.

I am guessing that the folks sending me the information about improving the size of my penis are mistaking me for someone else.... But I SO appreciate their concern. Day after day, email after email, all about my mythical penis and how I can make it big enough so that "she" won't leave me. Whoever "she" is. I hate to embarrass them by letting them in on the secret that I am of the female persuasion...

I know how to do the whole "do not call" list. Is there a "do not email" list?
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