Thursday, January 20, 2011

School in Pajamas

Homeschooling has lots of advantages.

There aren't any "set" hours. This means that 8:00 at night is the perfect time to have a lengthy discussion about that cool presidential sheet your mom strategically left lying on the desk. Evan discovered that Grover Cleveland was the only president to be elected twice but not consecutively. This led to a damn cool conversation about Obama's election, equal rights, feminism, the Civil War, and who he thought were the most important presidents. (according to Evan: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama. I am impressed!)

Another advantage of homeschooling: Any time is right for Pudding.

"When will the pudding be ready to eat, Mommy?"

"It won't be ready until you finish doing these sight words and math cards..."

Guess who surprised me with how many words she knows? Guess who can do addition in her head when pudding is setting in the fridge?But the best part of homeschooling?

No dress code.
(hidden below that table? Pajama pants and holey socks...)
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