Monday, January 24, 2011

If Husbands had Blogs

Good Lord. Just the title of the post is enough to cause most of us to dry heave. Am I right or am I right?

There are precious few men who can inhabit this blogging world without creating a marital rift in their household. The ones who do: I applaud you*. But mostly I applaud your wives or significant others for having the strength to go through what I subject my own family to!

It's one thing for ME to write about my kids and family life. I mean, it's my life and I KNOW how it is. It is how I SAY it is. DUH! But if Patrick were to infer his own opinion about how our lives are run, there is a small chance (oh so small) that he may, ON OCCASION, disagree with my perception of a situation.

I KNOW! Can you imagine? It's difficult to believe, but I cannot rule out the possibility.

So, it is with great gratitude and joy that I thank my husband for not having a writing bug of any shape or sort. THANK YOU, HONEY!! Thank you for not encroaching upon this corner of my world! Thank you for letting me be the writer of our family history (her-story?). I promise to be 100% unbiased and level-headed no matter how many times I have to remind you to clean the cat box or take out the trash.***It has come to my attention that I only read 2 men bloggers. Please direct me to other writing men! I need to expand my horizons!!

**FYI. It's time.
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