Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fa la la la barf

Apparently, it wouldn't be Christmas without at least 1 vomiting child.
Corinne spent the entire night running to and from her bed to the bathroom and then to and from the floor of my bed to my bathroom (once the pathway in her room was sufficiently gross and gooey). Poor child. She apologized left and right and tried to catch the vomit in her hands so she wouldn't make a mess. She's hot and sad and sleeping on a mat of old blankets and towels on my bedroom floor, a bowl beside her sweaty head...

If I can't get out from under the piles of disgusting laundry before the holidays, I wanted to wish you all a happy and safe holiday weekend. May you spend it with someone who loves you enough to scrub your puke from your sheets while cooing "It's ok. I don't mind! I love you!"

Merry Christmas!
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