Thursday, December 27, 2007


Puke. Fever. Nausea. Congestion.

Sound like fun? Then come on over. We are all full of good stuff over here...

I've spent the whole day with Corinne literally attached to me. She woke up covered in vomit, then proceeded to projectile puke all over me a few hours later. She's been sleeping practically all day, only to wake and have a small sip of water or a bite of cracker and then to pass out again. And then? Then, Evan just got very VERY ill all over our couch and hallway. He is currently lying on the floor next to Corinne. I've banned all kids from eating anything other than water or crackers as I'm sure Justin will be next, though he says he's fine.

I haven't been throwing up, but I woke up with a serious headache and congestion. I've been sneezing all day in addition to feeling nauseous. In fact, I was calling back to Corinne this morning, as she called to me. I asked her to please wait a few more minutes cuz Mommy isn't feeling good. Yeah. To a baby covered in puke. Mommy of the year AGAIN.

Awaiting PAtrick's return with ginger ale and popsicles. I need a reprieve from sick duty. Especially since I'm pretty sure Justin will get it either tonight or tomorrow. Gotta get those towels clean. (Though I admit to throwing one away. Just tooooo gross to clean.)

Wish me luck. Hope it passes soon...
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