Thursday, November 04, 2010

Too long for Tweets.

I had a post to write but Corinne just walked in and started scratching my back. Oh my God, is there any blessing greater than a kid who loves you enough to scratch your back???

What a sweetheart. She totally gets everything in my will. Which, as of today, consists of 6 pairs of holey jeans, a dirty coffee pot and a whole lotta debt.

You're welcome, babydoll!


We're going to the circus tonight! I am so excited! We love the thrills and music and performers... I don't particularly love the cost of the food so we're going to fill up with a picnic dinner in the van and hope that the kids aren't too sad that we can't spring for the $10 cotton candies and popcorn. I won't even START on how ridiculous those prices are, because you already know...

You can still save money on tickets for Ringling Brothers in Chicago. It's a Fall tradition in Chicago that their circus comes to town. I can remember watching the same circus in the same building when I was a child. It's kind of neat to give my kids the same experience...


My kids are calling their Halloween candy their "precious." I am serious.

"Mommy, can I have some precious? But I just loooove my precious! Preeeecccciooouuussss!!!" called out with an echo-ey voice and clawed hands shaking in the air.

It's creepy and weird.

I am so proud.
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