Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Favorite Girl in the Whole Wide World...

I watched Corinne fall asleep last night.


Something that was so easy and common for years and years of parenthood is now a rarity that I needed to document. Ever try to watch a Big Kid or adult FALL asleep? It's kind of like a pot: you have to be incognito or it just ain't happening. And my baby is a Big Kid, guys. I mean, she'll be 5 years old in 19 days.Holy shit. I hadn't realized it was so close until I paused to count the days!

My baby! My YOUNGEST baby. My little girl...

"Rinny, stop growing up so fast!"

"I can't, Mommy!! I HAVE to eat, you know."

"I love that you're growing so big and strong, but it makes me sad to think that it's going so fast."

"Oh Mommy... I have to grow up. But you told me that no matter how big I get, I'll always be your baby, right?"

Gasp! My heart! I grabbed her long and lanky body and swung her around the kitchen.

"Yes, baby doll. You're my favorite little girl in the whole wide world, did you know that?"

Screaming with delight, she laughs and flings her head and arms into the spin. As we slow down, she wraps her muscular Big Kid arms around my neck,

"I know. And you're my favorite little Mommy, too!"
I am so proud of you, Corinne. Everything you are; confident, brilliant, compassionate, outgoing, athletic, creative, joyful, and did I say fearless? Everything you are took me over 30 years to master. You make me want to be a better person. You make me want to be a better WOMAN as your role model. I absolutely adore you, baby girl. Forever and ever, no matter what you do or where I am...

Now excuse me while I go snatch you up from your cozy covers and carry you around while I still can...
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