Sunday, August 01, 2010

You say hello. I say goodbye...

Once again, I'm reminded of just how fleeting each stage in our lives are. Try though I might to not let myself get "comfortable" with what is my present, it happens. It happens and happens and each break from every normal is just as painful as the former...

Ebb and flow, in and out.

I had someone tell me recently that they liked my whole "hippie attitude." I smiled and said "Peace and love, go with the flow, live each moment to it's fullest, man." Inside, I wondered if he knew what a facade it really is.


I climb on every roller coaster and pretend to fly. I raise my arms and stretch my legs, letting the absolute joy overtake me. But it's quite the task to be present and conscious and in the moment every blessed day. Ironically enough, living life with joyful abandon requires some serious planning and collaboration. And writing from the heart while breaking up sibling fist fights just doesn't feel all too genuine...

Today I say goodbye.

Today I let another stage end for me and a dear friend as she excitedly begins a new stage in her life. Only fresh beginnings for her. No more dark reminders of the battle fought to achieve the happiness she now treasures. Only honesty and authenticity.

The absolute pride and wistful hope I feel for her is just that: Absolute. But the loss in my own life will be great. The thrill of locating her and renewing our bond just last summer, after a decade apart, makes her upcoming move across the country all the more poignant.

I'll miss you, Annie. Don't let any of your new opportunities pass you by.

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