Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tutus are slimming...

Not At BlogHer.

Not flying to New York City.

Not keeping track of Marinka.

No fabulous updates of parties and inspirational speeches and long-time internet friends reunited over a candlelit table.

BUT. I got to put on a tutu at a bar last night which then led to me propositioning a bunch of frat boys who thought the women at the front table were absolute loonies (but hot loonies! Ooooohhh So HOT!) to donate! It'll make you a better person! You can wear the tutu, too! (strangely, they didn't make much eye contact after that...)

So, it's all even in the end.
Be a doll and check out Tutus for Tanner. If you can, help them raise the funds to allow this very sweet, very sick boy be able to spend the rest of his life at home instead of a hospital.

Hope everyone in NY for BlogHer is having a GREAT time without me. No! Really. I mean it. I hope the humidity isn't too crushing or oppressive. I hope that the traffic isn't too aggravating and that nobody gets sick from all of the free martinis that I won't be drinking.
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