Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Need You to Want Me...

I just couldn't take it. All the oohing and aahing and "It was so fun!" My eyes were sparking greener than the skin of a baby tree snake. I clicked and clacked away and bought the early bird ticket for BlogHer 2011.

I called Patrick and confessed to the impulse buy. (All of the money was from Blogging ads and stuff! I swear! It's a self-serving hobby.) His response?

"Cool! We can all go to San Diego! The kids will love it!!!"

My silent response on the phone obviously wasn't making a very large impression because he kept going on and on about how they'd enjoy Sea World and the beach and this little restaurant that existed about 20 years ago when he was stationed there in the Navy. (He's always wanted to go back).

I remained quiet for a moment longer, and then...

"Are you CRAZY?!? I am NOT having the kids around for my 3.5 days of ME TIME!! These are my peeps! I want to meander and mill and drink until the wee hours! I want to have a roommate that doesn't need me to tuck them in at night or find a lost shoe before I head out to a session. I don't want to share!!!"

I think I hurt his feelings a bit but really? I mean, I don't force him to drag the whole family along for his fishing trips to Canada! We'd love to go, and if he invites us, we will; but I am NOT INVITING them!!

Selfish? Me? YES. Yes, I am.


Now I just need airline tickets, hotel accommodations and spending cash by next August. This is going to take some serious schmoozing for a sponsor or two...

Soooo... Anyone interested? Anyone? Bueller?
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