Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Oh holy, holy, holy crap. 2 1/2 weeks till school, people. 19 DAYS. NINETEEN DAYS to prepare mind-tingling educational stuff with which to make their minds expand.

It's gonna take a lot more coffee and wine to make this happen...

Slurp, slurp. Speaking of coffee, I am indulging myself in a big mug of luke warm joe as I write. Nothing quite as mediocre as coffee that doesn't burn my tongue.

Heh. Know what I just did? I poured my coffee into a pot and cooked it on the stove. That? Is desperation.

Needless to say, I am searching for a new microwave because this situation will not be healthy for any of my children. Mama needs her caffeine!

My goal today is to stay away from my shiny computer box and get several more weeks of school lessons written out and planned so that we can start the year off with half the stress. One can hope, right?
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