Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is all I have energy to write...

Nothing like having to yell at your kids in the library.

After we left our homeschool group 2 hours EARLY because they were behaving less than desirably (i.e. stomping around like elephants and throwing markers), we stopped by the library to grab a few books that Justin has wanted to read again. Despite their behavior, we dashed in the uber-quiet and extremely overcrowded library because I am a very cool mom who was willing to overlook their discrepancies.

4 minutes into our quick stop and my blood pressure was off the charts,

"Stop running! Don't hide the books from him! Why won't you come here?!?! Stop CRYING! You have to hold the 3rd bag because I only have 2 hands!! Get back here NOOOOWWWW!!! You are EMBARRASSING me!!!"

It's 12:20 and I already need something stiffer than this gas station cappuccino....


I'm thrilled that Patrick has normal hours and all, but the realization that I now have no excuse to avoid cooking dinner has hit and I am less than amused. Especially since my fridge and freezer are still echoing after the whole unintentional defrosting incident... I'm thinking of breakfast for dinner tonight!


It's 1:15. It took me an hour to write those 2 paragraphs. I'll give you 3 guesses as to why...

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