Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beer at 10 am on a Sunday...

Fate, she is a bitch.

Leave the internet hanging with an "announcement" like the one below, and Fate will eventually get fed up and strike back. You'll prance into your house late on Saturday night after a lovely dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse spent with your equally happy husband only to stop short, pulling your face into a pucker;

"WHAT is that SMELL?!?"

That wonderfully toxic aroma wafts from none other than your side by side fridge which has decided to take a little hiatus and allow its contents to melt and stink up the joint.

Oh, Fate! You cruel little wench! Try though you might, forcing me to empty out my fridge and freezer on a Sunday morning fails to lessen my joy over the mysterious news that I cannot wait to share. If this is the ying to my yang, then I will happily scour the walls and drawers of my Amana. I will joyfully phone an appliance service and schedule a potentially costly repair. And your attempts to bring me down won't work this time!

Instead, you have allowed me the reason to drink a beer on a Sunday morning so as not to waste it...
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