Monday, July 12, 2010

The mystery is revealed!

Reading bedtime stories to his kids.

Treating his kids to an ice cream cone.

Soccer practices.

Christmas parties.

Prime Time TV.

Cub Scout meetings.

Boy Scout meetings.

Scout campouts.

Being able to help out around the house.*

Birthday parties.

Dinner with his family every night of the week!

Sleeping beside his wife.

Date nights!

Energy to enjoy the weekends.

No longer will Patrick have to miss out on any of the above. Our family will finally be able to exist together as a whole again! And with money to not only stay afloat, but to actually pay off the debts we so desperately want to erase! And maybe (just maybe) a possible vacation or two!!

We are DONE with the night shift. Done.Done.Done. We are DONE with the job that we were so grateful for but that didn't allow for us to exist much beyond basic survival. Patrick just announced his acceptance of a dream job that he is beyond thrilled to begin and I am still floating on the idea that we will actually be able to claw our way up and out of the hole we've been in for the past 2 years!!

(would you believe that he was able to go all day long at Great America after working from 10 pm the night before? Night shift SUCKS. I pray that we can wash our hands of this experience and never have to go through it again.)

I am so proud of you, honey. I hope the new job is just as exciting as you dream it to be!

* That may not be a selling point for Pat, but I'm so, so excited to think that I will have a conscious partner from Sunday-Thursday again!
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