Sunday, June 27, 2010

I just wanted a smoothie, damnit

"Aaaaeeeiiieeee!! EvAN! That's MY seat!!"

"Evan, as a personal favor to me, could you please, please PLEASE let her sit there? I know she's tired and whiny, but I just want to get through these banana smoothies without a fight. Please?"

Evan relented with a huff and a sigh but Justin's indignation would not be so silent.

"I hate that! I hate that she always gets her way! That is SO unfair!"

"Justin, this is not about you..."

"She ALWAYS gets her way. She just has to whine a little and you let her do whatever she wants!"

"That is not true. And when you were 4, you whined just as much as she did and we had to work our lives around it, too. Now that you're older..."

"It's NOT FAIR."

"Life isn't fair!"


"That's because it's ALWAYS true!"

"Arrggghh!! Just, just... NEVER MIND. You just don't understand!"

"Wrong, kiddo. I DO understand. I too had a little sister who whined when she was 4 and I too had a mother who just wanted to get through a meal without an argument. I had to give in and give up and it wasn't 'fair' but LIFE ISN'T FAIR."

"You already said that!"

"That's because it's ALWAYS true! You know what isn't fair? It isn't fair that there are kids who can't argue over who gets to sit at the special chair for their banana smoothies because they don't HAVE chairs or the money to buy a banana smoothie. It's not fair that children are homeless and starving. It's not fair that there are children in homes without love or attention. It's not fair that you have a family that loves and cares for you but there are millions and millions of kids who don't even know what a loving family LOOKS like. LIFE ISN'T FAIR. Being able to argue over a chair is a privilege that I am grateful you guys are allowed. But it isn't asking too much of you guys to occasionally let your little sister sit in the chair after a loooong weekend. She is so tired that she slept on the freaking piano bench, kid. Now drink your smoothie and let me make my own in peace, PLEASE?"

And the skies opened and the angels sang their praises of grace and he was quiet and all was right with the world. And I drank my banana smoothie in peace as I typed this post.

Praise be.

2 hours on the piano bench and NO I didn't even consider waking her up.
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