Monday, May 31, 2010

The Third Child

I'll be at the Indy 500 this weekend, doing very little except drinking wine coolers and resting my bones in a cushy lawn chair. In order to keep your attention and possibly garner a few more votes for the Parents Choice awards (look to your right. It's that big, shiny button that you can click on to vote for me! EVERY DAY!), I decided to post a few of my favorite, funny posts. Enjoy!

Originally Posted in March, 2008

"The Third Child"

Poor kid. She gets plenty of privileges in her placement as "the baby."

But there are some definite down sides...

Like Mom being terribly amused when you throw a tantrum over not being allowed to take one bite out of all of the strawberries in the pint.
Like having Mommy laugh at you to the point of tears...
Like having Mommy take your picture,

so that she can blog about it later on.

Poor thing...
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