Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Just goes to show...

Me to Corinne: Hey cutie pie! What can you do that's funny for the blogger world today?

"Hmmmm... Let me think about that, Mommy..."
"I KNOW! I can show them how I fly!"

Me: Silly girl! You can't fly!

"MOM-MEE! I can TOO! I can too fly!"

Me: Um, NO. You can't. You silly goose. You're my baby girl, not a BIRD."Can TOO. And I'm NOT A BABY!"

Me: Sorry, sorry... My BIG GIRL who is ready for college who STILL can't fly because she isn't a BIRD...

"I know I'm not a bird! I'm a FAIRY. DUH. And I CAN TOO FLY. Watch me!"

Me: I stand corrected. My daughter; the flying fairy.
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