Monday, March 01, 2010

Stop! Can't we just slow it down?

Originally posted at the former Chicago Moms Blog on March 1, 2010

Stop! Can't we just slow it down?

008 I am caught, yet again, in the desire to press the pause button. Why isn't there a pause button on life?!? I don't want to halt ALL progress, but the moments fly at me faster than I can absorb and I am left gasping for breath, unable to retain the precious gift that the present moments in time are giving me...

How many years do we have where my 4 year old daughter will get giddy for a date with her father? How many years before the catch in her breath is no longer for her adoring Daddy, but for some gangly teenaged boy whose intentions may or may not be honorable?

How many years can I count on my middle son to call me "Mama"? When will his love for his raggedy old panda bear become something to hide from his buddies? How will I handle it when he no longer reaches for my hand in the store or hugs and kisses me without a care for who sees?

And my eldest... My 11 year old baby. My awkward, confused son full of questions and concerns... When will he push me away in embarrassment? Will I even notice which day is the last time he asks me to cuddle with him before bed? Will I be careful to take note of the last day he is a boy before he becomes a teenager? Is it even possible to know such a thing?

I am floating in a puddle of emotions on this cold Chicago day in late winter. On the cusp of another spring, I feel the changes that are not only in the air but also within our home. So, goodbye winter. Hello spring and all of your changes... Take it easy on this momma, though. Nice and slow, please...

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