Friday, December 18, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money... So much of our lives are dedicated to the pursuit of, preservation of, and allocation of it. We all wish to instruct our kids in the best methods of earning, spending and saving their money. But when the question in your mind is no longer "How do I teach my kids to save/donate/spend wisely?" and is now "How do I explain that because of Daddy's job loss and the economic downturn, we can NOT buy new shoes? That 2 loaves of bread instead of 1 isn't in our budget?"

I know that we aren't the only family experiencing this horror. I know that countless other parents are also lying awake at night, fretting over not WHAT to buy for Christmas, but IF they can buy something for Christmas. Or if they will even have a home to celebrate within. This knowledge does nothing to ease my worries; in fact, it multiplies them! But it brings about a question that is ever-present in my mind:

When you find your family on the receiving side of charity, how do you teach your children to be grateful and accepting of help? How do you teach something that you have a hard time swallowing yourself?

It's an ongoing process. Every day, I attempt to maintain some semblance of calm, even when I walk into a room with the lights on and tv running, though there isn't anyone using that electricity. Each time I see a box of cereal spilled on the floor, I have to force my anger down my throat while I make them pick it back up and put it back into the box. It's important that my children don't live with a fear of not having food or electricity, but it's also important that they understand that these privileges are not a given. In our world's present situation? These are LUXURIES.
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