Wednesday, December 09, 2009

2 reasons to love my DVR

My DVR is a blessing and a curse. Without it, I would never have the chance to watch such gems of broadcasting as "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." I mean, am I the only one who sees that the show is on, knows she shouldn't watch it, and then turns it on anyway, ready to be amazed at the fact that not only a FEW women have delivered babies in toilets, completely unaware of their pregnancies, but that so MANY have done so, that it actually warrants the production of an entire television series?!? And am I the only one who now freaks out a little bit when her period is lighter or I feel a fluttering in my stomach and I wonder, "Oh My GOD. Please tell me I'm not pregnant!" I can't be the ONLY woman to attend to her needs in the bathroom and think, "Hmmm... a little longer on the pot than usual... I sure as hell hope I don't push a BABY out!!" Seriously, this is where my mind goes nowadays... And it's all the more horrendous due to the fact that my toilets? Are NOT somewhere a baby should even be NEXT to, let alone falling into! (Now, Stephanie's? Those might be ok:) )

Without that beloved DVR, I would never have fallen in love with Glee. You know what I love about Glee? (Besides the adorably awkward teenagers that burst into song and dance numbers at the presentation of any uncomfortable situation?) I love that everyone I know seems to love it. I love that everyone that I find cool and awesome today (Awesome! Thumbs up, dude!) claims to have been a band/drama/speech/mathletes/fill-in-the-blank-of-a-not-so-cool-high-school-club nerd in high school.

Is this possible? How? How is it possible that so many very, VERY cool people look back on their teen years with a grimace at how very UNcool they were? This leads me to realizing that we band/drama/speech/mathletes/fill-in-the-blank-of-a-not-so-cool-high-school-club nerds are the foundation of the successful world. Sure, sure. You athletic, popular kids have your own places in society, but you were the elite and minority, to be honest. And while some of the popular kids went on to do great and fabulous things, some of them fell and faltered without the support of peers who idolized them. Now, the somewhat nerdy-not quite cool-lots of friends but never felt 100% like we "fit in" kids? We RULE the world. We are everywhere. We are enmeshed in every aspect of the adult world and you know what? That kind of rocks.

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