Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Send chocolate and wine. ASAP.


Yet again, things in my life come to a crushing low, every 4.1 weeks. Lovely.

And yet again, the nature of this blog is such that I don't feel comfortable posting my internal struggles and issues.

Instead, I sit here, letting Corinne comb my hair. I watch the clock tick ever closer to 8 pm when I can officially send them upstairs towards the bedtime countdown. My greatest wish is that I hadn't finished the box of chocolates that my sister and brother in law brought from Vegas. Yes. In 2 days' time, I have eaten an entire box of fancy chocolates. And am moaning for more. That and wine.

Lots of wine....

If you want to make me feel better, enter my giveaway below. Which I am too grumpy to properly link to at this moment. Because I am a big, fat baby and I NEED CHOCOLATE AND WINE.

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