Monday, April 13, 2009

A welcome surprise....

Ok. I know I just did a giveaway. And this blog is NOT all about the giveaways, but I have a new one that I want ALL of you to comment for. Because this one is truly unique!

I was recently asked to review a cd/dvd combination of children's music. I almost declined, as I have reviewed music recently, and honestly? As much as I liked the last one, I didn't think I could handle any more cuteness of singing muppets and marching tunes. Grudgingly, I clicked on the sample link for Gustafer Yellowgold....


The pictures are interesting in their own right, but the music? The music is... emotional.

This isn't "Children's Music." It's music for the FAMILY. It's something parents will actually ENJOY with or without the kids in the car. The rhythms and mellow music were phenomenal!(Patrick commented that it sounds like a mixture of Radiohead and The Beatles...) It's not often you hear of music for the entire family that isn't Christian based. This was definitely a refreshing surprise from this spiritual-but-not-religious Mom.

I was SO incredibly bummed that Corinne and I couldn't attend their show at Schuba's Tavern in May. But I HIGHLY encourage you all to listen to their site, sample their music, and consider bringing the kids for a fun concert. If you aren't Chicagoans (so sad, you poor thing...), enter this giveaway for a cd/dvd set of their latest album, Mellow Fever. If you aren't lucky enough to win it, it's definitely worth the cost for this family friendly music.

You know the rules for entry:

1. Comment!
2. Comment again after you've posted on your own site about the giveaway.
3. Comment AGAIN if you subscribe!

My entourage and I will draw the winning names on Friday, April 24.
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