Sunday, August 16, 2009

What I COULD be writing about....

I COULD be writing about the lovely wedding on Friday, held at the same reception hall and the same ROOM that our own wedding was held in, almost 12 years ago... deja vu and all that.

I could be writing about the friends from out of town that visited with the baby I once held and diapered who now towers over me, all arms and feet and elbows...

I could be writing about the bridal shower for my cousin and the sweetness of a bride-to-be as she opens cutting boards! And vacuum cleaners! Or how queer it is to see the women I knew as "young-old ladies" now in their last stages of life. To remember that each of us is constantly moving within our life cycles, and I will someday be attending parties with my hair in white curls, smelling of lavender and Ivory soap...

I could be writing about the piles of school supplies our families have bestowed upon us. The workbooks, folders, scissors and glue. The paper, planners, crayons and books. It's been like Christmas for me (though my kids haven't been quite as excited to see the big, fresh workbooks... Can't imagine why...)

I could be writing about any of these things, but instead I have been curling up with a book and trying to enjoy the last schedule-free days of summer.

Don't miss me too much. ;) I won't be gone long...

Grateful for:

~ our generous family
~ canoli at the bridal shower
~ free carrots to boil and puree
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