Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oops. Needed a title, didn't I?

Such a quiet morning. Except for the crickets and other chirpy bugs that are having a field day with the overcast wetness outside. My windows are open and it feels like we're camping (without the dirt) (well, SOME of the dirt. I am not particular about a clean house.). I just realized that this is the first year in a decade that my family didn't go camping once. I mean, we took the kids in the backyard to delude them into thinking they were going camping, but that's not the same. Hmmm. Another tradition, ripped in half. I know we'll try to go next year, but I HATE it when yearly traditions miss a step...

That leads me into considering how I can make this Christmas fun for the kids without spending any money. Patrick and I don't need presents, and I know the kids will have lovely gifts from our families, but I still need to provide at least A gift from us and the big man in red. (And that would be a HUGE change from the years past...) So I have been entering contests on blogs. And I mean I have been ENTERING. Every day I search for items that match what my family might be interested in. I haven't won anything yet, but I know that the odds are, I will win SOMEthing for SOMEone this Christmas. If any of you all know of sites that host good giveaways for kids like mine, please forward the link, ok? Muwah.


I really am distracted lately. I can't bring myself to post very great posts or even comment as regularly as I used to. I'm sure it's because of the season (Back To School) and the humidity (sticky! Everything is STICKY) but I don't know what to write about other than financial woes (which has been done to death and is bugging my husband when I DO write about it, but he doesn't like to hear me talk about it all the time and I NEED to talk to SOMEONE without them offering suggestions for our problems. So? I write about it online. Because you will listen and not go on and on about what we SHOULD be doing when we're doing all we can. I DIGRESS). See? Almost an entire paragraph in parentheses! That is Not Normal, my friends.

Also, this grateful thing is NICE and all, but I don't think it has changed my daily outlook. Not really. I mean, if I look back through this blog, I will find dozens and dozens of posts where I whine and then remark about the silver lining. Apparently, I am already a Pollyanna who tries to find the good in my life, even when the load is too heavy to budge with a 18 wheeler. But I am NOT a quitter, so here's some of the goodies of my life:

~ I cleaned my laundry room and found 65 cents!
~ I have 2 cards from JCPenny and Kohl's for free merchandise! I am heading there today or tomorrow to search for a fabulous deal for a present for SOMEONE.
~ It may be hot but we have the neighborhood pool and it's calling our names today...
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