Friday, August 07, 2009

Unintentional Family Bed

This wasn't planned. But as a side effect of a husband that works nights and a summer schedule that doesn't make us wake up before 8 am, my children have grown quite accustomed to sleeping in my room. In my bed. On top of me and my pillows. (I am a bit possessive of my pillows...)

Want to hear an even stranger side effect of this night shift? I kinda like this family bed thing. Even when they are sweating on my shoulder or violently kicking me as they dream. Because honestly? This is a brief moment in my life. Pffffttt! Gone. Before I know it, the bed will be too small and sharing bedtime with the family will be way uncool. As it is, Justin has decided that he likes the floor next to my bed rather than my pillow-top queen-sized mattress. Close to me, but not touching. This is as it should be, I suppose. He is, after all, 10 years old. But his descent to the carpet has me holding the other two a little bit tighter...

One morning, I will wake up and find that no one wants to cuddle in my bed after a bad dream. One morning, I won't be able to remember the last time a small child stroked my cheek as he or she drifted into unconsciousness, completely secure in the love and safety of Mommy's bed. One morning, I will awake alone, and mourn the loss of these golden years...

They can kick me in the head tonight. I really don't mind.
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