Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just one of those days...

Ever have a day that you just handled well? You know, where things went wrong, but for some reason, none of it really bugged you?

Normally, having Corinne and her buddy running in and out while Evan and his buddy ran in and out all day long would tire me out. Emotionally and physically, it just wears me down. Usually, having a pretty empty pantry because I still don't have a vehicle (I get it back on Saturday!!) makes me grrrrumpy and agitated. Most days that require me to hose the thick mud off of Corinne and her friends (AGAIN) will leave me exhausted and ready to tuck them all into bed, nice and early.

Instead? Today, the breeze was making my curtains billow. Today, the kids stayed out when I told them to. Instead of seeing what I didn't have in the pantry, I saw the 8 apples on their last days, just begging to be made into apple crisp. With no thought of rushing through it, I snatched Evan up and had him measure and pour the ingredients. While the crisp baked, I rummaged even further and found enough ingredients for another loaf of carrot bread (when your friend brings you 8 bags of carrots, you FIND ways to use them!). The smells of cinnamon, apples and bread filled the house even as Corinne romped around outside, coating her skin with thick, gooey muck. "Mud brownies, Mommy!" Instead of bemoaning the mess, I was glad that at least ONE of my kids would get a fast shower today! When I didn't know what I would serve for dinner, Patrick's friend showed up with his kids and spaghetti, ready to eat! And EVAN ATE SPAGHETTI. (This in itself is a miracle).

Just one of those days where things were normal but I was happier. No reason other than the breeze in the curtains and a random good night's sleep.
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