Saturday, August 22, 2009

Because I am NOT a child anymore...

I was the child that would frown at the photographers. How dare they treat me like such a, a... CHILD?!? Making silly faces and having puppets annoyed me to no extent. There are many family photos where I had a pout instead of a grin, simply because some ADULT was acting JUVENILE.Me at my 8th birthday. I WAS happy! See that half-smile? My mom earned that because she WASN'T acting ridiculous!

I was the child that would clam up when hurt. Yes, I'd be bleeding and bawling, but please! Don't coddle me! I was NOT a baby and did NOT appreciate being cooed over, having injuries called boo-boo's and a kiss NEVER made it feel better. This lovely trait continued on into adulthood. Picture me on the delivery table, whimpering, "Mommmeeee...." (Yes. It's true) only to shove my poor mother away when she hurried to my side. After all, I was NOT a baby! I could do it MYSELF! (Wonder where my daughter gets it from? Look no further than the tree she fell from.)

I was the child that wanted no help. No help! No help! I CAN MANAGE!

I'm seeing a pattern here...

And yet? Sometimes, we all need help. This is a lesson we all claim to understand. Especially when it's someone ELSE needing that help. It's super easy to be the helpER. But when an honest need settles upon your life and takes up residence, the lesson on how to swallow your selfish pride and accept the assistance (with a smile) from those who can and WANT to help you takes on a whole new meaning.

I thank each person who has supported us. I thank each person who IS helping us. It is amazing to me that in the crappy state of our economy there are still so many people who are willing to sacrifice so that we might be more comfortable. I promise to hold this hard-learned lesson near to my heart and continue to help others as you have helped us.

You know who you are and I'll never forget it.
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