Thursday, July 09, 2009

What you get after 4 hours of sleep...

You know how you have about 16 great post ideas in your head at 3 am? You know how you are POSITIVE that you won't forget them? Nope. No chance! These ideas are TOO PROFOUND to forget simply because you spend the time from 3 am to 5 am watching "So You Think You Can Dance" (which had me cracking up when Tyce was going on about "orange juice." Anyone watch that show? Anyone? Anyone?)*. These ideas are so interesting that I could have guaranteed a HUGE increase in comments and even in followers!! (Not that I'm particularly INTERESTED in those numbers, persay. Nope. Not ME...)


That said, I am ON FOR BLOGHER! Halleleujah! The clouds have cleared and I am green-lighted!!! I was elated last night when Patrick confirmed his availability and went to bed with a smile on my face. When I awoke at 3 am, though? Thoughts akin to the weeks leading up to the first day of high school attacked my sleepy brain.

What if I am dressed inappropriately? I'm SURE everyone there will have access to at least Target clothing from the last couple of years. Can I really go there wearing my discounted clothes and decades old shoes? But it doesn't matter. It DOESN'T, but it does... Ah, high school. Always wanting to appear cool and sexy but as though it doesn't "matter" to me. And it DOESN'T, but actually? It kind of does...

Once I got past the wardrobe drama, I began to worry about "making friends." Now, I am a pretty sociable person. I can get along in most any crowd, and I'm not nervous about walking up to someone I don't know. HOWEVER. With a few drinks in my system, I can sometimes be a bit too, er, "sarcastic" and worry that I will offend a new friend before I ever truly make one! (Note to self: WATCH THE BOOZE).

Transportation dilemmas... I am a suburban chick. You drive somewhere. You park your car in a parking lot right beside the destination. You walk 30 paces into said building. End story. The idea of driving to a fancy hotel in downtown Chicago on a weeknight, ALL alone, finding parking, PAYING for parking (how much? How much should I bring? I have NO FREAKING CLUE! $10 a day? $20? Is that even possible??), losing a parking spot if I needed to leave the hotel... Oy. Why do you think I asked Maria if I could bunk on Thursday night too, even though it wasn't in my original plan? The mere THOUGHT of finding a parking spot, 2 days IN A ROW was putting me over my limit of stress. Now that I've cut the parking drama in half, I'd reallllly appreciate someone's opinion on what I should expect $$ wise... (Also? This cements any thoughts I ever had about loving suburbia. If I get lost in the burbs? I can pull over and ask directions! If I get lost in Chicago? I have to drive and drive because there aren't any spots to "just park" for a second and ask for help!)

Wow. Can you tell I haven't had much sleep or coffee yet? I think I'll scoot before I ramble too much more. And NO, I'm not going to proofread. I'm throwing caution to the wind and just posting this crappy post. Because it's Thursday, damnit.

* In my search for a clip showing Tyce talking about "orange juice", I found a YouTube video of what appears to be a Mom and daughter recap of the show. If you watch the show, it's pretty amusing. If not, well, you probably will wonder why I watched the whole thing...
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