Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twisted Sister Soldier...*

Conflicted, conflicted. So twisted up inside...

Did I have a good time at BlogHer? Yes. I did. It was nice. Met some wonderful women. Have some faces to put to the blog headers now. I experienced kindness in faces I had been only imagining for 3 years.

Certain family issues were occuring while I was in Chicago, though. And my absence during those situations became heavier on my shoulders the closer I got to home. The guilt I own over that absence is monumental and deafening.

I have a thousand posts in my head. I have a thousand brilliant, ingenious, never-before-seen spins on topics that will surely astound your brains. I have pictures of women I now hold as Friends with a capital F. I have cute stories and funny quips on how we never really leave high shool too far behind.

But not now.

Now, I must turn off this computer, withOUT checking all of your updates. Now, I need to figure some things out in silence, and dig through the mountain of responsibilities and issues that rest upon our shoulders.

Bear with me, old friends and new.

*For Cynthia. :)
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