Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weird Science

All right folks. I have put off this giveaway long enough. I keep trying to get better pictures or a better video but my skills are lacking and my time is diminished what with all of this summertime fun in the chilly rain. (Nothing makes for happier kids than knowing the pool is open but that we can't go to it. Lots of fabulous whine-fests over here!)
I was contacted by Toys and Games Online/CSN Stores to review any toys (under $100) of my choice! After testing it out, I could then present it as a giveaway for one lucky reader!!

I KNOW. I love this blogging gig. Bloggers who refuse to do giveaways/reviews/etc. you all have my respect, but I LOVE that I can pick and choose products that are good for my family and offer them all to you, in ADDITION to writing about flooding toilets and soccer games. To me, that is the ultimate joy...

I digress. Here's the video of me doing a pitiful Vlog about the Chem C100, a chemistry set by Thames and Kosmos. Justin and I picked this set out as a "toy" that the entire family could benefit from. We are doing some summertime science because of this set (heh heh. They're still homeschooling and don't even know it! I love it!) which is good because some of the projects require ventilation (it IS a chemistry set, after all!)

Don't you love my video skills? And my pink bathrobe? Honestly, I gave up on the video redos. THAT IS MY BEST ONE. Let's all cross our fingers that I either remember to put on make-up before shooting another one or that I just have my kids do the videos from now on, right?

That said, we HAVE begun to test it out now. The weather has been rainy and wet but we've had enough breezes to bring fresh air through the house thereby making me happy to try the first litmus tests and such. So far, so good. No explosions, and no phone calls to the poison center. Justin is thrilled with it and I hope to help Evan do a few of the simpler steps the next time. To me? That spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!

Want to win a set? You know the drill, right?

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3 chances to win an almost $100 chemistry set! Remember, it is recommended for ages 10 and up and all kids should be fully supervised by an adult. It is NOT scary and super hard to do, but safety is pretty important, so be smart!

I'll pick the winner on Monday, June 15 (after we get home from our first day at day camp!).

*I was not paid for this review in anything other than the set listed above. My opinion is my own! Imagine that! Rock the Free World! :)
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