Saturday, May 09, 2009

Getting FLEXible...

I spent the day pushing buttons, opening and closing 5 skylights, and giggling when the teeny lady in the magical box told me to turn left in .2 miles...

I am reviewing the Ford Flex this week! Here's my really crummy picture taken late in the afternoon: I realized I hadn't taken any still shots all day, though I HAD taken tons of video on the new Flip camera Ford gave me to record my "adventures.!" Though by "adventures", I'm not sure they meant driving to WalMart and almost getting hit by the teenager down the street. (Stinkin teenage drivers! Kids these days! Grrrrr!!!) Of course, I was able to "Flip" that situation (bwaaaahaaaa!) by commenting that "Dang! These brakes work wonderfully!"

I can't wait to edit this week's footage and make something reeeeellly reeeeellly mahvelous. Prepare to be utterly WOWed.

That is all.
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