Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday fluff

If I thought my house was a disaster before I had all 3 home for school, I was waaaaay off the mark. Between struggling to figure out a way to encourage Evan to just do the simple work I want him to review (found the way: Bribe him with Gum. I am a Geeeeenius!), knocking out a few articles for various other blogs (not always my best. Sigh...) and the addition of soccer into the routine, my poor home has been even more neglected than before.

The floors aren't just a bit sticky: they now crunch.

The laundry isn't a bit behind: it's flowing down the stairs.

The dishes are the lucky ones. I HAVE to wash them if we want to eat. Still, they are soaking in water more than they are sparkling clean.


And my posts are all a bit of fluffy fluff stuff. Wait a sec. The cinnamon rolls are beeping....


Yes. This is my post. I apologize. I promise to return eventually with something thought-provoking...

Tomorrow's the music giveaway! Still lots of chances to win!
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