Monday, April 06, 2009

Aren't springs bad for your back, anyway?

Spring break! Whoot! I thought by homeschooling, I would be able to avoid these long stretches of unstructured time? Anyway, giving the kids a "break", before we get used to 3 at home All. The. Time. (Yes, I do believe I AM insane, thanks for asking...).

First up on our spring break agenda? Fighting the snow, yes SNOW, we got last night. The snow that knocked out my satellite so I don't have any of my Sunday night shows recorded. (Yes, I did swear quite a bit. But I don't feel quite as comfortable ripping off a good cuss right now, because some of my family reads these blogs now. Which is fine, but it's one thing to write a big ole 4 letter word and have someone read it months later. It's another thing to curse online at 9 am and see my husband's aunt at 11 after she may have read it.) So. BIG OLE CURSE WORD AT THE SCREWED UP WEATHER. @$#@$

Whew. I feel better now.

Sadly, we will be fighting the snow to get to Patrick's grandma's apartment for a visit. She has not been doing well, and we are hoping that she will qualify for the assisted living transfer instead of having to go to the nursing home. :( Aging really sucks...

Speaking of sucky things, did you hear about the the earthquake in Italy? Oh my God... Horrible... I hope they find more survivors instead of adding to the death toll...

If you don't want to follow the depressing link, try reading Jen's new advice column. Is there anyone here who DOESN'T read the Bloggess? Go. Read. She makes me weep, her words are so off the wall...
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