Tuesday, April 07, 2009

1993.... Really?

Spring break is off to a roaring start. We went to a really casual homeschool club meetup. (Evan's first time). There was another new family that was going to be pulling their first grader to homeschool in 2nd grade which was nice. Another newbie to converse with. We discussed how PETRIFYING it is to "break the rules" and not send your kids to school...

We then jetted home to say hi to Daddy and then head off to a Cub Scout Go See It at a radio station. The parents were very interested, but the boys? Not so much. I thought it was cool to see a radio personality that was on Z95 from my high school days. Now he's doing Classic Rock. Which is cool, except for the fact that "Classic Rock" includes bands like Metallica, which, Really? Metallica is Classic, now?

I feel old.

You know what else makes me feel old? The fact that on tonight's American Idol, the contestants will be performing a song from the year they were born. Wanna know when Allison was born?


Yeah. Digest THAT number for a few minutes....

I would have been singing with my best friend on the way to a party in the boonies. We would have been rockin out to Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Depeche Mode. (I just had to call her to figure out that last band name. I am not a genius at remembering band names!) (Now she feels old, too...)

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